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Nutrition is the key for optimal health – 5 Simple ways to get more out of your diet

Have you ever wondered what it is that your body needs on an every day basis in order to stay healthy? Is it really as simple as eating the right foods and avoiding processed ingredients that we can’t pronounce, or is there a deeper secret the experts are keeping from us? According to the American Medical Association, the things that our body needs daily include: fibers, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, phytonutrients, vitamins, and amino acids. But what all of that really means, and how can we consume all of it in one day?

The simple answer will be: Nutrition.

While we enjoy an abundance of foods rich in textures and taste, many of our foods today are over processed and have little to offer nutritionally.  The fact is that we may be well fed, but really we are nutritionally starved.

Our diet is the cornerstone of our health. At the end of the day all that matters is controlling the number of calories we take in, while raising the amount of nutrients we ingest. The combination of lowering calories and increasing neutrinos is a combination punch that can prevent disease, dramatically slow the aging process and help us to live longer, more youthful and happier lives.

So how do we lower our calorie intake while getting more nutritional substances in our diet?

Nutritionist and the newest FDA guidelines suggest that we should eat an average of 8-13 servings of fruits and vegetables per day for optimal health.  Below you can find 5 simple ways to get more out of your diet:

  1. Eat a small green salad with every meal – Let’s say you eat only 3 meals a day. By having a small salad before each meal you already consumed 3-6 of your daily vegetable servings.
  2. Add fresh berries to your breakfast – Berries are packed with antioxidants and neutrinos. They are practically a super food. By adding a serving of fruit to your breakfast you already raised the bar in your daily fruit and veggie intake.
  3. Season your food with herbs or other healthy spices instead of salt - A little salt is ok, too much isn’t. The simple truth is that most of us get too much. Adding fresh or dried basil, sage, oregano, or other herbs to your dishes not only lends an irresistible taste and aroma to whatever you’re cooking.
  4. Snack on mixed nuts instead – Nuts are rich in fats but those are good healthy fats. A handful of nuts can satisfy hunger without hurting your mid section. Always choose nuts over chocolate (although a cube of dark chocolate doesn’t hurt).
  5. Juice your veggies and drink green smoothies! – Perhaps the best, and simplest way to get large amounts veggies into your diet is the juicing option. A single 16 oz of green juice can contain up to 7 servings of veggies!



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